Why yellow jackets north?

  Coaching Staff: 

  • YJN’s Director of coaching is Hall of Fame coach from Yorktown HS Ellen Mager
  • YJN’s coaching staff is filled with the area’s most respected coaches and the number 1 reason why you should consider YJN.
  • 2 coaches per team always at least one adult coach. No college players as head coach.
  • Each family should thoroughly evaluate each program’s coaching staff before selecting a program. Please review our coaching staff on our website under the tab “COACHES”.
  • The coaches selected for YJN staff will be carefully chosen based on a variety of factors.
  • YJN staff should be able to explain & break down the components of the game for players to understand.
  • Staff members consider themselves educators of the game and continuously keep up with current practices through coach’s clinics, US Lacrosse, and shadowing high-level coaches.


  • Experienced and committed Directors that have built the #1 program in NY state and the #2 team in the country by US Club Lacrosse.
  • The program was formed in 1999 and has been the top program in NY since inception.
  • Full support from our owners and directors from Long Island
  • Long Island owner Carol Rainson-Rose. Carol’s record is 430-109-4. She has the most wins in NY State History and she actively involved in helping YJN to achieve the same success as the Long Island Yellow Jackets.
  • Long Island owner, Tracy Weiner (Head Coach of Farmingdale) is also YJN’s Recruiting Director. Tracy has relationships with every Division 1, 2, and 3 college coach.


 The Program:

  • YJN has the opportunity to play against top teams in the country including Skywalkers, M&D, Mass Elite, Monsters, TLC, Maryland United, Steps, etc.
  • YJN never blocked from Top Club Tourneys due to our strong reputation.
  • YJN players will get a tremendous exposure through our summer and fall tournaments to maximize their potential for advancement and recruitment.
  • Our Recruiting director has placed over 600 girls to Division 1, 2, & 3 programs. Our Recruiting director and coaching staff have great relationships with college coaches at every level.
  • YJN teams will have the opportunity to scrimmage the Yellow Jacket teams. US Club Lacrosse ranks most Yellow Jacket teams in the Top 5 nationally across all age groups.


  • Each team is comprised of approximately 22 players organized by age group, ability, & position.
  • Players selected to a YJN team will be committed to our fall and summer teams.
  • Winter program and various clinics are all optional and come with an additional cost.
  • All costs are included in our Fall/Summer charge. Incl tournaments, uniforms, & coaching fees.
  • Each Team will attend 4 to 7 tournaments based on age level (Typically 4 Summer & 3 Fall- HS)
  • Players are expected to attend all tournaments
  • MS and younger teams will have less overnight stays & more local tournaments (within 90 miles)
  • HS teams will attend best-suited tournaments based on their ability. Expect more overnights
  • Typically, 10-15 summer practices
  • Typically, 4-6 fall practices

Registration Fees:

  • All summer and fall fees including in our registration costs.
  • Including coaching fee and coaches hotel costs
  • Field Rental and equipment
  • Tournament fees
  • Uniforms
  • Website and all club expenses
  • Winter and various clinics extra